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Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Let us help take the stress out of your life.

It's very simple. You take what you want and leave the rest. Our professional crew will come in and set up, clean and organize your home. We price every item, pay for marketing, including advertising in two or more newspapers and on the internet. We also send out emails of your sale to my own personal 1500+ list of regular customers who appreciate special notifications of my sales.

Pay no up-front fees. No output of any of your money except for garbage removal (stickers or dumpster). You only pay a percentage of total receipts at the end of the sale. The percentage is agreed upon during your free home evaluation. We also offer a complete clean out service of unsold merchandise which is donated to local charities. We will leave your property broom swept.

All antiques, collectibles, jewelry and art items are researched or appraised for optimum pricing to get you the most return for your items.

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I have many great referrals, including Angie's List. Please give me a call for your complementary home evaluation walk through.

Thank you for considering Lynn's Home Estate Sales, where you're treated like family!!

Office: (630) 241-7200 (Voicemail only, please do not text)